One 2 one/SMALL GROUP personal training is perfect for those that are serious and committed to maximising their potential.

Depending on the package you opt for you can train up to 5 x per week in a one2one session or a small group of 2-3 people. All our Programmes are bespoke to you and your personal goals even if you are training with others.

The results that you desire are down your hard work, consistency in the gym, and the ability to follow the plan that we set out for you. At Pioneer Fitness our Elite trainers will always go above and beyond to ensure you reach your end goals.



At Pioneer Fitness we place as much emphasis on nutrition as we do the training. It is important to understand the impact that diet has on performance and how to maintain a healthy balanced diet.

Our PTs will provide you with nutrition plans that will compliment the training that we do and they will hold you accountable for the foods that you eat. We will ask you to track your nutrition for 7 days so that we can asses your current eating habits and adapt them to maximise your goals.



We decided to introduce Yoga back into Pioneer Fitness at the start of 2018. Flexibility and mobility is paramount for optimum athletic performance and allows better movement throughout a lot of strength exercises.

Having yoga on a one2one or small group bases is amazing for both new starters and experts as it means you can get the added attention from the instructor that you just cannot get in a busy Yoga studio.



Reformer Pilates is a more intense dynamic approach to Pilates. The reformer beds have a number of different resistance settings which allow you to challenge the body in many ways. Working on strength, mobility, balance, coordination & flexibility. The reformers are suitable for any fitness level and can increase performance massively.